As Counsel to the Construction Industry, MLC has over 70 years’ combined experience representing parties of all sizes in all construction matters, whether public, private, residential, or commercial: drafting and reviewing contracts, resolving disputes of all kinds, and advising on all issues. MLC’s attorneys also represent and advise clients on employment and commercial landlord-tenant issues. A special passion for MLC is making insurance companies live up to their promises.

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  • New California Antidiscrimination Laws Effective April 1, 2016

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“Before I became a full time neutral, I had the experience of assisting Dan McLennon in the preparation and presentation of a trial. I had been a trial lawyer for over 20 years and had had the experience of working with many excellent courtroom warriors. I have to say of all the trial attorney I worked with Dan is far and away the coolest customer of the bunch. Putting on a trial is a stressful affair for everyone, attorneys and clients included. A skill that is invaluable is the ability to stay calm under fire and to always think clearly, decisively and correctly on your feet. I have never seen anyone accomplish this goal with anything near the facile grace Dan McLennon exhibited. Dan dealt smoothly and effectively with an overly aggressive opposing counsel, a difficult judge and every sling and arrow fired by outrageous fortune. If you are faced with litigation, Dan McLennon and his team are lawyers you can put your trust in with complete confidence.”
David SteinPresidentLiaise Mediated Solutions, LLCSan Francisco, CA