As Counsel to the Construction Industry, MLC has over 70 years’ combined experience representing parties of all sizes in all construction matters, whether public, private, residential, or commercial: drafting and reviewing contracts, resolving disputes of all kinds, and advising on all issues. MLC’s attorneys also represent and advise clients on employment and commercial landlord-tenant issues. A special passion for MLC is making insurance companies live up to their promises.

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  • New California Antidiscrimination Laws Effective April 1, 2016

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Comments on Subcontract Workshop: I feel that the interactive part is for me the most important part of a learning environment. It allows me to shape a question and explore it in a dynamic sense. Dan, I have always found you to be gifted in breaking things down for me to grasp them.   Learn from the best! Dan McLennon is a Counselor in the truest sense. Proactive, visionary, accessible and ethical. If more people in the industry were to heed the advice of specialists who can help you prevent legal difficulties we would all benefit. Dan is making an impact and is my go-to person for sound and practical action.
Chris, General Contractor